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If you are in Victoria, did you know that as of the 1st of May 2021 the Guidelines of the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria include guidelines for the Responsible supply and use of antibiotics under which professional conduct is demonstrated by:

15.1 A veterinary practitioner maintains current knowledge of issues relating to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by undertaking training or other continuous professional development at least every three years.
15.2 A veterinary practitioner supplies and uses antibiotics in a manner consistent with current Australian veterinary professional codes of practice and policies.
15.3 A veterinary practitioner has developed and/or has available, and complies with, a written protocol describing prudent and responsible use of antibiotics which directs their supply and use of antibiotics.
15.4 A veterinary practitioner responds in a timely and substantive manner to a formal request from the Board for information which demonstrates that their supply and use of antibiotics minimises AMR.
15.5 A veterinary practitioner does not supply, use or administer antibiotics without the prior establishment of a veterinary practitioner-owner-animal relationship.


National harmonisation of minimum veterinary prescribing and compounding regulatory requirements

Public consultation is now open for the proposal for national harmonisation of minimum veterinary prescribing and compounding regulatory requirements - Treatment of livestock

Key aspects covered by the proposal are provisions for veterinarians to continue to:

  • compound and supply veterinary products subject to certain conditions
  • prescribe off-label uses for prescription and non-prescription products
  • use or prescribe unregistered products for food producing species in limited circumstances

The proposal and further information is available at here

Consultation is open until 2pm, Friday 14 December 2018. To make a submission:

  1. Read the proposal and submission form (at the link above) which contains details on how your submission will be handled.
  2. Submit feedback via email to